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Fundraising Social is a secure Web-Based Platform that works with many charities, helping them to achieve their objectives by using our technologies.
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We work in partnership with multiple charities and help broadcast their message through our technologies 
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The first Secure Charity Network, where you can attend online social events enable Charities and Individuals to register for a FS account, where they can host live events and raise donations for charities that work within these areas
  • Children in war torn countries
  • child adoption and protection
  • Homeless
  • tree plantation
  • childhood care
  • build orphanages and schools
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Sign up and open your own account, help us raise donations for charities we work with.

reduced world poverty

By promoting your FS account, you are promoting the message for all the charities we work with, including world poverty. 

funding the poor

With your FS account, you can organise live digital events in a secure environment and help raise donations for the less fortunate. 

shelter for poor

Help keep everyone sheltered this winter, set live events within your network and raise the money that is urgently needed.

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our causes
funds for poverty

World poverty is a problem that we are looking to eradicate by working closely with a number of charities.

Raised:$200 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

Funds for Childcare

We work hard to deliver the funds to charities that make a difference for children that are in need of urgent care

Raised:$100 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

Funds for Refugees

Often with war torn countries, children are left the most affected. We are working with War Child to help children for a better future.

Raised:$70 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

funds for Orphans

In many cases, children from developing countries are left orphaned, with all our help we will help them find a loving home.

Raised:$88 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

Fund for Healthcare

To make sure the right healthcare is sent to the right charities, follow the charities that support children's healthcare.

Raised:$200 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

Fund for Education

Education is the foundation for a bright future, help children that have had a hard start in life with a brighter future.

Raised:$150 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

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Let’s stop this hunger and fullfill their happiness

Often with war torn countries, children are left the most affected. We are working with the charity War Child by providing them with live event technologies to help raise funds for children suffering from the effects of war for a better and brighter future.

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