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We Care!

First and foremost, we at FundraisingSocial.com care! We are devoted to produce the best, most secure technologies to ensure our partners can succeed.

We're in the Cloud

As we want to grant everyone access to our website, we operate on a web-based environment that is responsive and available to all browsers and devices.

We Share Ideas

We are no strangers in partnership and if we could help expand a way to help charities to operate more efficiently, we are keen on sharing.

Video Broadcasting

Broadcast your live event through FundraisingSocial.com, we enable your event to reach hundreds and help donations to be made in a secure environment.

Book Live Events

By registering to your Fundraising Social account, you are empowered to book events, inform your network and allow them to register their interest to your live event, so you are ready for the occasion.

Everyone is Happy

Through FundraisingSocial.com, we ensure that the charities and causes that are in need will receive the funds and donations that are raised, we do not take any profit on donations for any of the charities.

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Clean Drinking Water

We are in partnership with many charities that help provide clean drinking water in villages that are in need of new wells

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Funds For Poverty

World poverty is a problem that we are looking to eradicate by working closely with a number of charities.

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Fund For Education

Education is the foundation for a bright future, help children that have had a hard start in life with a brighter future.

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Fund For Orphans

In many cases, children from developing countries are left orphaned, with all our help we will help them find a loving home.

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Funds for Healthcare

To make sure the right healthcare is sent to the right charities, follow the charities that support children's healthcare.

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Funds for Childcare

We work hard to deliver the funds to charities that make a difference for children that are in need of urgent care.

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Funds For Refugees

Often with war torn countries, children are left the most vulnerable and affected. We are working with War Child to help children for a better and brighter future.

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Survivors of Natural Disasters

Very soon after a natural disaster has ended and the news crews have left. We support charities that still remain in the countries, giving urgent relief, where needed.

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